If you’re looking for your next moving destination, why not choose Orlando? There’s a reason our local movers stay so busy —  this city is the place to be when it comes to climate, cost, and culture! Here at Central Moving & Storage Orlando, we’ve had our team compile a list of the top five reasons to move to Orlando.

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    Weather and Climate:
    If you’re tired of shoveling snow and rotating your wardrobe, call one of the most trusted Orlando moving companies to book your move to a sunnier destination! With one of the best climates in the country, Orlando boasts warm and sunny skies and temperatures that rarely drop below the 60s.
  2. Cost of Living: With affordable real estate and lower taxes, Orlando comes out on top when it comes to cost of living! Any of our full-service movers can tell you just how many luxurious homes are on the market for affordable prices. Maybe that in-ground pool the kids want is more attainable than you thought! 
  3. Fun: It’s no secret that Orlando is filled with exciting things to do. But here at Central Moving & Storage, we know that the hype extends beyond amusement parks. Moving to Orlando, you’ll have access to golf courses, ocean sports, wildlife refuges and over 30 city parks!
  4. Food: Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, café-style eats, or cultural delicacies, Orlando has it all! And that’s not to mention the fresh seafood…our local movers swear by the clam chowder and lobster!
  5. Arts and Culture: In between all that surfing, dining, and saving, why not catch a show? The Orlando Shakespeare Theatre hosts year-round productions of the bard’s classics. If visual art is more your thing, check out the Orlando Museum of Art for all things classical and modern!

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If you’re ready to take the exciting leap of moving to Orlando, call us at Central Moving & Storage to get the job done right. Our professional full-service movers will design a relocation package that meets your unique needs — whether you’re facing a local, long-distance, or international move. And as the name suggests, we also have extensive long- and short-term storage options available. Call us now for a free, no-obligation in-home estimate!