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Orlando Storage

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Many relocation customers haven't finalized their destination. Some are waiting for homes to be built, others are moving into apartments or office spaces which can't accommodate all of their belongings, and some just need extra space. At Central Moving and Storage we have a variety of storage options for every customer in the market. Short term, long term, one item, 100 items, the Orlando storage package is up to you. We are more than willing to create a storage contract tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to flexible storage packages, we offer the peace of mind of a secure and well-monitored warehouse. Our storage facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system including fire and smoke monitors. The safety of your items is of high importance to our team and you can rest assured they are under constant watch. We also offer a climate controlled environment to keep your items free from humidity and moisture damage. While some other Orlando storage facilities may sacrifice these features to save a few dollars, they are commonplace at Central Moving and Storage. All of your belongings will be categorized, labeled, and accessible in less than 24 hours upon notice.

Orlando Storage Companies

As mentioned above we pride ourselves on providing a variety of Orlando storage options to satisfy any and all requests. We have never turned down a storage application for being too big or too small and don't plan on it! Please select from the following storage in Orlando which best fits your needs:

  • Household Storage
    Do you have holiday decorations clogging up your garage? What about extra furniture in your spare bedroom? Reclaim your space today.
  • Commercial Storage
    Our commercial clients range from lawyer offices to construction companies. We can store large machinery just as easily as boxes of paperwork.
  • Short Term Storage
    Do you need a place to store your household or office furniture in between moves? We can temporarily store anything you desire.
  • Long Term Storage
    Our long term clients have a variety of reasons to utilize our warehouse, but one aspect remains the same; their contract will last as long as they need.
  • Portable Self Storage
    Self storage that comes to you. No need to rent a truck, we will drop off the vault and pick it up after you load it. Fast, easy, and convenient!

Are you ready for a free Orlando storage quote? Call us at (407) 219-9779 or fill out our online form to receive your no obligation estimate from a Central Moving and Storage specialist. Contact us now!