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As you may have noticed in your neighborhood, office complex, or construction site, portable self storage units are quickly growing in popularity. Unlike traditional storage options, Orlando portable self storage vaults allow you to pack your items at your own pace. If you aren't in a hurry why rush it?! Also, self storage vaults provide an opportunity for customers to stack their items according to personal preference. If you need access to certain items more than others you can arrange them for easy access. And this simple, easy process all begins with a Central Moving and Storage truck dropping off an Orlando portable self storage vault at your residence, office, or jobsite.

These large, secure, and weather proof storage vaults offer unmatched protection against the elements and unwelcome guests. Once you are done filling it up we will transport your vault to our climate controlled, heavily monitored storage warehouse and carefully place it into your designated storage spot. As with all of our storage offers, our portable self storage vaults are available for both short term and long term. You will have full access to your belongings at our warehouse and we will quickly deliver your vault back to you when you are ready.

Orlando Portable Self Storage Companies

If you are uncertain what portable self storage in Orlando is all about, one of our Central Moving and Storage representatives will gladly explain your options to you. You will receive all of the amazing features of our typical storage packages and much more. Here are some common benefits you will enjoy:

  • Free estimate
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • Easy payment options

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