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At Central Moving and Storage we like to present our customers with options so you can select the most appropriate moving package for your family or business. While some customers prefer we perform the entirety of the packing, others are more hands-on and would rather do some of the less important packing themselves. For customers who choose to pack their own less expensive items and leave the delicate and costly items to us, our Orlando fragile only packing is perfect for you. Whether you want to pack your own belongings to save time or money, we are with you 100% and promise your fragile belongings will be handled with the utmost care. Some things are better left to the professionals and Orlando fragile only packing is certainly one of them!

One of the main reasons to choose Central Moving and Storage as your fragile only packing company in Orlando is we have the boxes, padding, "peanuts", and other materials to properly pack your delicate valuable belongings. We heard stories of people trying to wrap glassware and fine china with newspaper and stuff them into boxes before transit and we highly advise against this. Chances are your fragile items deserve more attention and care than you would give to something in your garage. We provide you the peace of mind of opening a perfectly packaged box at your new home or office and knowing the contents are in the same condition.

Orlando Fragile Only Packing Companies

When it comes to what items to pack, you get to tell us what to do! Once you create a list we will double check with you to make sure everything is squared away before we proceed to pack the selected items chosen by you. Here are some of the more common items utilized in our Orlando fragile only packing:

  • Fine China
  • Glassware
  • Fine Art
  • HDTV's
  • Electronics

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