Are you planning on moving and having to move the items in the garage area? While this area may seem daunting, there are ways to make moving your garage smoother.

From vehicles to power tools, learning the right way to relocate your belongings is important. This article will cover tips for moving items in your garage. 

Declutter the Garage 

Many of us have gathered items in our garages over the years, and many items are unused. When moving items in a garage, a big step in the process is decluttering the garage.

Depending on the items, you can donate or dispose of them at the correct facility. If you have many items, you should set aside plenty of time to declutter the area.

Dispose of Flammable Items

Garages are often home to flammable items such as gasoline, propane tanks, and lawnmowers. If you want to create a safe moving environment for residential movers, you must dispose of these items. 

Along with the standard flammable items, you will also need to consider less obvious items like paint. Consult with your moving provider about what items you should not bring from your garage.

Plan for Vehicles

One of the most challenging items to plan for a relocation is a vehicle. From trucks to motorcycles, it can be difficult to plan the relocation of these items.

When planning a local relocation, moving vehicles can be completed easily by driving them to your new residence. For long-distance relocations, you will need to hitch them to a moving truck or have friends help drive your other vehicles. 

Pack Your Power Tools Properly

If you have gas-powered power tools, drain them of fuel before putting them on a moving truck. For moving boxes, you should place the tools in their original boxes if you still own them.

When you want added protection for your tools, you should wrap them in bubble rolls or moving blankets. The padding will help to cushion the impacts if it shifts in the back of the moving truck. 

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