As you prepare for an Orlando office relocation, it’s best to plan ahead. From logistics to equipment, your move requires detailed planning at each step. Luckily, a full-service moving company can organize each step. That’s why it’s crucial to give the moving company you choose enough time to properly set up your relocation for a seamless process.

Which Services Will You Need?

Giving your commercial movers enough time is the best way to ensure everything is ready to go and on time. Consider the amount and scope of the items you’ll be moving so that your moving company can tailor the right services for you. For large moves, try to plan four months ahead, while smaller moves can usually be completed in two. Some services your commercial mover can help with include:

  • Logistics and Coordination Planning
  • New Office Space Planning
  • Furniture and Equipment Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Inventory Management Planning
  • Employee Transition Planning

Where Are You Moving?

When you work with a business mover, make sure they can transport your items to your new location. Many moving companies are limited to the locations they can travel to, which is why it’s important to figure out if they can best assist your move. If you’re working with long-distance movers, they’ll require more time to set up customs clearance, organize timelines, and secure the right vehicles. However, local moves can be completed in less time.

When Are You Moving?

The time of year you’ll be moving in plays a crucial role in your relocation. Office movers fill spots quickly during the summer months. Since summer is a sought-after time to move, you’ll need more time to plan and schedule. However, moving companies are usually more flexible as their needs wind down during the winter months. Make sure to plan with plenty of time during:

  • May-September
  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • The Beginning of the Month
  • The End of the Month

Schedule Orlando’s Full-Service Moving Company to Get Started

When it comes to commercial relocations, your business can never be too prepared. As a top Orlando moving company, Central Moving & Storage - Orlando specializes in seamless relocations. Our certified moving agents can handle moves of all sizes, scopes, and distances. This way, we can always provide you with the full package. Call today to talk to one of our experts about planning your move. We’ll provide you with tailored information and free pricing!