Like any relocation, moving from Orlando to North Carolina requires thoughtful planning and preparation. With all of the pressures associated with moving from selling your home and buying a new one to helping your kids feel comfortable in their new city, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Don’t stress about your move, just call the premier long distance movers in Orlando, Central Moving and Storage! With more than three decades of experience, we know exactly what it takes for a successful and stress-free interstate relocation to North Carolina, and our experts go above and beyond to accommodate your unique needs. Before you pack any boxes, check out our tips to make your 500+ mile journey from The Sunshine State to North Carolina go more smoothly.

Plan Ahead

The key to any move is preparation, and you can begin getting things ready as soon as you know you’re going to relocate. Grab a large binder and start collecting all the information you’ll need including medical, dental, and school records, packing to-do lists, and other important documents. Whether you’re moving to Charlotte, North Carolina or Raleigh, North Carolina, the more information you have about your destination, the better. Visit as often as possible prior to your move so you can explore and familiarize yourself with your new city in the Tar Heel State.

Keep Essentials With You

The last thing you want when you finally reach your new NC home is to discover you have no utensils to eat with or toilet paper in the bathrooms, so set aside a box or two and fill them with absolute essentials. Pack a few changes of clothing, utensils, paper plates, napkins, valuable jewelry, and over-the-counter medications. Prescription medications should be set aside, but be sure to keep those on you so that they’re easy to locate in the event of an emergency.

Choose the Right Long Distance Movers in Orlando

Simplify the entire moving process by choosing Central Moving and Storage as your moving pros! We’ll help you plan and coordinate your move so you have less stress and more time for family as you make the transition from Orlando to North Carolina. Our experts have helped countless families relocate, and we’d love to help start this exciting new phase of your life.

If you’re moving from Orlando to North Carolina, contact Central Moving & Storage for an easy and efficient relocation. Call us today to get started or complete our convenient online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate.