How many times have you uttered the phrase, “Never again,” as you surveyed a room covered in moving boxes and wrap? This kind of mover’s fatigue usually comes about when people try to handle a big transition on their own, or when they don’t spend time evaluating intrastate or interstate movers in Orlando before selecting one. Despite the fact that packing and hauling everything can be quite a headache, the average person still does it more than 11 times over the course of their lifetime. Choosing the best Intrastate movers in Orlando is the key to making the transition easy, but how can you be sure that a company has what it takes? CMS-Orlando has put together a list of 5 top qualities to look for when choosing an intrastate moving company in Central Florida.

1. The Company is Well-Established

So many fly-by-night companies enter the market, but it takes impeccable service across the board to last in the industry. CMS has been serving the area since 1985, and we remain in business because we treat our customers right.

2. The Company has a Good Reputation

Look for reviews for each company that you consider. It’s obvious when a business takes care of their customers, because they tell others about the excellent service they received. A lot of our business comes from repeat customers and direct referrals, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Check out our reviews.

3. A Large Network is Available

Many moving companies can only help you with a local move, but CMS has an extensive network that enables us to handle migrating an entire hotel at once or transfer the belongings of a home anywhere in the country, or even overseas.

4. The Staff is Dedicated to Helping You

Service is everything to a moving company, which is why our experts handle every detail for you. Starting with the free in-home estimate, to coordinating events, packing, and even storage if need be, our dedicated team is ready to help with anything you might need.

5. You Know the Total Costs Ahead of Time

Companies often advertise ultra-low rates in order to get people to pick up the phone, but then the price hikes up little by little throughout the process, and sometimes the final bill is significantly more than what was initially quoted. We love a good deal, too, which is why we’re competitively priced, but we offer something equally important- guaranteed pricing. From start to finish, working with the intrastate movers of CMS-Orlando provides you with a streamlined, stress-free moving experience with a team that you can count on.

You can rest assured you’ve found the best company to work with when choosing CMS Orlando. Give us a call or fill out our online form for your FREE quote.