Moving to a new home can be exciting, but stressful too, both for you and your pets! To ensure that the transition is as comfortable for your furry friends as possible, it’s important to take some extra steps to accommodate them during the moving process.

Whether you’re grown up locally in Orlando, or are planning a full-service move to Florida, Central Moving & Storage has the services and skills to get you—and your pets! —to your new home, safely and securely. We offer the following tips to help make moving your pets easy and stress-free:

Before the Move

Prepare the following for a successful transition for your pets:

·  Get pets new identification tags: buy dogs and cats new identification tags with new contact information in case your pet gets lost during the chaos of the move.

·  If you’ll need to travel with your pet in a carrier or crate, start introducing him or her to crate travel a few weeks in advance.

·  Visit your vet for an update of your pet’s vaccination and ensure they are healthy enough to travel. Ask your vet if you can use a sedative or other medication to calm your pet during travel.

On Moving Day

·  Place your pets in a safe place with food and water where they care safely out of the way of both you and the movers. Keeping them in a dedicated room or area will help keep everyone calm and relaxed.

·  Check your options ahead of time if you are flying. Most airlines allow carrying of small pet in a carrier for an extra fee. For larger pets, they’re required to be transported in the cargo hold. Make sure to make these arrangements well in advance so you’re prepared come moving day.

·  For birds, cover their cages with a black cloth since they’re vulnerable to changes in temperature.

·  Use a restraining harness, carrier, or crate when on the move. Don’t leave your pet unattended, or without ample water if it’s warm outside.

Moving can be tough on all members of the family—humans and pets, alike! By following these helpful guidelines, you can help to ensure that everyone arrives safely and securely to your new destination. For more tips and tricks to use during your long-distance move, call Central Moving & Storage today! You can also fill out our quick online form for your free, no-obligation estimate.