The crew at CMS-Orlando may have missed a few calls last week, but it’s for good reason. The crew was tasked with dropping off a 3,000 lb. CNC machine to a local print shop. Our team had to unload the massive crate off a truck, transport it inside and set it in place. However, the CNC machine was so large that we had to remove the front door to get it inside!

So what is a CNC machine? CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, machines are used in manufacturing that involve using computers to control machine tools such as lathes, mills and grinders. In a nutshell, a CNC machine is the “controller” for many other types of manufacturing machines, controlling speed, force, coordination and other important components. Needless to say, having a CNC machine in a printing business is essential.

Once we were able to get the 3,000 lb. CNC machine inside, we then turned our efforts to the whopping 7,000 lb. turntable we needed to remove and ship. Just as cumbersome and even heavier, the turntable which was used for a variety of things was taken out slowly and carefully. From there, we crated it up, put it on the truck and prepared for it to be shipped to PA.

And while moving such large items might seem extremely challenging, our team is well equipped with the tools, equipment and support to make moving 10,000 lbs. seem like a breeze! You can see some of the photos from our project below:

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