Central Moving & Storage has been a premier Clermont moving company since 1985, providing both companies and residents seamless, stress-free moves to accommodate any budget. With the peak season for moving right around the corner, we’ve put together a quick, 3-step guide to help you plan your Clermont move this year.

1. Choosing your moving partner
Selecting your moving company is more than just hiring some people to carry your belongings; it’s a partnership. Just like Central Moving & Storage, your Clermont movers should have the latest equipment, know the best moving methods, have glowing reviews, and be insured. Agents of credible van lines means a moving company will have high-quality trucks and equipment to transport your cargo. Good reviews and testimonials will give you an idea of a company’s professionalism, organization, and willingness to work with you to get you what you need.

2. Starting early is the key
Procrastination leads to nearly 90% of the stress during moving day. Reduce your anxiety by preparing far in advance—at around six weeks. This means that when moving day arrives, everything will be already packed, prepared, labeled, and ready to go. Plenty of time gives you the opportunity to catch any missed steps such as filing your new address with your post office or any valuables stored in a local safety deposit box. Without rushing yourself or your movers, you’ll ensure that all your items will arrive safely and on-time.

3. A little by little goes a long way
Invest a little time every day to make sure everything is set to go. By taking your time packing a little bit each day, you’ll be able to sort, organize, and label your boxes one at a time. This makes sure you know exactly what is where and lets you group like-items, like breakables, together. You can also take this time to think on and make decisions at your leisure about which belongings you wish to keep and which are unnecessary.

At Central Moving & Storage we understand the importance of a move; after all, packing up your life and relocating is never easy. Let our Clermont residential movers work hand-in-hand with you from beginning to end to develop a custom plan fit for you. Call us or fill out our quote form to get a free, no obligation estimate!