Central Moving and Storage is proud to announce we have recently partnered with JMC Global Logistics to move furniture and other items from 1800 rooms into a new Hotel in the Theme Park Capital of the world, Orlando Florida. We are proud of this large job we were able to secure, and even more excited work with a top tier company such as JMC Logistics.

Our Orlando Logistics Division is the heart and soul of our company. These are the people who are working countless hours of commercial projects to ensure your business doesn’t stay closed for very long. To be the best Orlando Commercial mover you have to know exactly what the customer wants and expects. We have encountered business owners who enjoy being hands on and those who prefer to concentrate on other aspects of the move. We understand you have paperwork to file in your new city, lease or mortgage details to cover, and internal business to handle.

To see what other great services this Orlando Mover has to offer, just head over to their website at www.cms-orlando.com.