Central Moving and Storage is here to make your life easier. We know that when it comes to Orlando Residential moves, you want to have the top professional in the area do it. We search no further, because CMS-Orlando is the company for you. We have been moving Orlando Community Members since 1977. We know a thing or two about the moving industry, and one of those things is a customer will always choose quality over price. Orlando Movers know that price will only get you to your new location. This does not guarantee that your move will be done with great integrity. This just gets your items from point A to point B. Central Moving and Storage’s main goal is to get your from point a to point B with great ease and satisfaction of the customer. We know that taking the extra time to pack properly as well as space items appropriately is need when it comes to your move. We will not pack your items into our trucks to the point of breaking items, if we need extra space, we will get a smaller van for over flow. We are here to make solutions, not problems. Orlando Moving Companies from all over should look to Central Moving and Storage to be at the top of the moving game. We are always training our employees with the newest techniques as well as upgrading our equipment to match out company initiative. Get your FREE moving and Storage quote today!