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If you own expensive artwork, heavy sculptures, or a pool table, chances are they were delivered using several workers and specific equipment to ensure they were not damaged during transit. At Central Moving and Storage we are always for ways to satisfy our customers and our Clermont specialized moving services provide the professional manpower and equipment you need to relocate these items once again. From pianos to fine art to automobiles, whatever you need for a flawless delivery, we are the specialized movers to make it happen.

Throughout our 25+ years in the industry we have gained a variety of experience in the specialized moving field and we learn something new from every move. Some of our customers are amazed to see us relocate their piano down three flights of stairs but at Central Moving and Storage we consider that another day at the office. And if you have fragile sculptures or expensive paintings you should never treat them like an everyday ordinary item when moving. When you hire a professional moving staff to handle your items you can count on them being delivered in the exact same condition as which they left.

Clermont Specialized Moving Company

We offer several kinds of specialized moving at Central Moving and Storage and can assist you with anything you need. No other Clermont specialized moving company can do what we do. Here are some additional services we offer:

  • Local Moving
    Familiarity matters when it comes to executing a fast and easy local move. Trust our 25+ years of experience in the area.
  • Long Distance Moving
    No matter what corner of the United States you are moving to, allow us to plan and execute the long distance move of your dreams.
  • Residential Moving
    Families appreciate our friendly customer service and the level of care we show your belongings. No one compares to Central Moving.
  • Commercial Moving
    Efficient and timely relocation is crucial to reopening your business. Trust our industry experts to make it happen.

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